My name is Stephanie McKee.


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Bovine Bliss Bio

 Do you need advice or information regarding transitioning from the city to the country, raising your kids in a barn, or managing a small herd of cattle? Maybe you prefer an urban existence, but long for a virtual visit to a place of peace and tranquility, and an opportunity to live vicariously through a country girl at heart? If you love bovine, swine and the simple life, you’ll feel right at home here!


I will be documenting our family's journey from the city to our forever home in the country. I will share our ride through life's ups and downs, both on the homestead and out in the pasture. I'm definitely not an expert homemaker, interior designer, wildlife photographer or "cowgirl," but I'm anxious to share things with you as I learn and discover them. This blog is a reality thanks to the gentle prodding of family and friends, who were entertained and inspired by my personal social media posts. Laughter and tears, joy and pain, success and failure are expected, as we share this adventure together. Grab the reins, hold on tight and join me for the long haul by subscribing to my weekly newsletter and following me on social media! 

Former Educator

After serving 15 years in education, as an elementary teacher, district administrator for gifted and advanced academic services and coordinator for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, I decided to leave the field and focus on my family and future.


My husband, Bubba (aka Allen in the corporate world), and youngest daughter, Mackenzie, and I lived in a RV for well over a year, while we built a farmhouse near the small town of McMahan (pop. 129) on almost 40 acres. That project was completed in July of 2016. I am now attempting to decorate the humble abode, at a very slow pace (with the help of Pinterest). I also take care of daily to-dos around the homestead, including chores, meal-planning and prep, and bill pay. 


As a parent, I have been actively involved in the formation of Future Farmers of America (FFA) booster clubs in two school districts and headed multiple, successful fundraisers supporting FFA students in their endeavors. I work closely with our family on Mackenzie's FFA animal projects. Both our daughters have raised and shown pigs in local and state livestock events. Michaela, our middle child, is now a full-time pre-vet student who works part-time for a pharmaceutical researcher. Our oldest, Justin, followed in his father's footsteps and is a successful salesman. We have three very active and affectionate dogs. Bella and Beaux are Brittanys that Bubba, an avid hunter, used to track upland game birds. Sadie is a registered black lab, with a junior hunt title and three passes on her senior hunt test, who loves to retrieve ducks, work with bumpers using hand signals and whistle, and invade our personal space (attention hoarder).


Ranch Manager

I help manage a small herd of cattle, on our place and two leases. We currently have two Charlois bulls, 36 F-1 Tigerstriped cows and 35 calves (cows were purchased as heifers bred to Angus bull). Our bulls are appropriately named "Chip and Dale." The mama cows, who all have their own unique characteristics and personalities, have been affectionately named, as well: Adele, Clara, Hazel, Lola, Pearl, Ruby, Lucy, Velma, Gertrude, Gretchen, Thelma, Louise, Dolly, Minnie, Bertha, Bessie, Grace, Opal, Genevieve, Clementine, Josephine, Daphne, Wilhelmina, Ellamae, Abigail, Eleanor, Penelope, Ginger, Matilda, Zelda, Vivian, Daisy, Tabitha, Mabel, Hattie and Tess. Yes, you can call me the Crazy Cow Lady! 

Amateur Photographer

My favorite pastime is taking pictures of my family, our animals and all of God's creation. You could call it an obsession. My phone frequently reminds me that more storage is needed, my Nikon memory card is full, and my kids often roll their eyes when I say, "cheese," but I truly believe that the moments and memories captured will be appreciated and valued someday, so I press on! 

Who I Am

Bovine Bliss




From city life to country wife.