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August 4, 2017

One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is "What do you do out in the middle of nowhere all day?" Honestly, the list goes on and on, and every day is filled with new adventures. There is ALWAYS something to do out here! There's lots of land and animals to manage, maintain and care for, along with the other typical "to dos" in life.


We currently have several projects that will keep us busy as summer winds down and we prepare for the fall and winter months ahead. 


The pile of rock leftover from the house construction will be used to build a fire pit in the backyard, so that we can huddle with family and friends outdoors when the weather gets cooler. I, for one, am definitely ready for sweatshirts and s'mores season! I've pinned several options on the Bovine Bliss Pinterest page to review before we begin the process.


Bovine Bliss - Outdoor Living

To go along with the fire pit, our daughter, Mackenzie found a plan on Pinterest for us to construct a quick and easy, yet visually appealing, firewood rack using cinder blocks and landscape timbers. 


Firewood Rack Using No Tools


This is our current situation, thanks to our hunting dogs, Bella and Beaux! They knocked down the nice, neat pile chasing after critters camped out in the wood. 

Before we have to deal with freezing temps, we need to build a shed to enclose our well/pump in the front pasture and one to cover our water treatment system beside the house.

Allen and I began the prep work for the pump house. We moved and/or elevated the equipment and pipes in order to frame for the concrete slab foundation.

My dad, Jim, is helping with the design for the enclosure for our water filtration system. Extreme temperatures can damage the parts over time, so it is toward the top of our extensive list of things to tackle.


We are hoping to eventually make a "rock river feature" near the system where the water drains and runs along the ground. A decorative screen needs to be built to hide the propane tank that is also located in the area.

Livestock show season will be here before we know it, so it is time to thoroughly clean and organize our barn, equipment and supplies in anticipation of the arrival of our animals. This year, Mackenzie, will be raising a heifer to show, in addition to swine. It will be a challenge to balance advanced courses and multiple animal projects, but the experience will be priceless, and we have faith that she can handle it, with the proper guidance and support.

As you can see, getting everything cleaned and organized will be quite an undertaking! Before we dig in, we have to treat the barn for scorpions and spiders. There are a ton of black widows living in almost ever corner. 


I propose we have a barn cleaning are ALL invited! Food and drink will be provided! LOL! Bring your own gloves and face masks! It's going to get dirty and dusty!

All of the pens, from top to bottom, have to be power washed and sanitized with bleach water before we purchase and bring home our swine. Hornets that have made this area their home will have to be killed and their nests removed. We will use chemicals that are safe around animals, to treat the pig barn for ants, flies, etc. All the old cedar shavings in the arena area will need to be removed and replaced. Once that is done, our scale will heed to be thoroughly cleaned and leveled. 

Last year's signs will need to be added to the "Pig Wall of Fame." I would also like to finish our "quote and saying graffiti wall." I've already decided that this needs to be added in bold lettering, front and center:


"Long story, short...Make it Happen!" ~ Allen McKee


All of the pig supplies will need to be inventoried, cleaned and organized. 


Now that the barn cats have settled in nicely, we will disassemble the "Cat Chateau" and move our extra kennels and shredder from under the awning at the back of the barn to create a suitable "home" for the show heifer. We will create a setup that provides shelter from wind and sun, as well as an area for the heifer to roam. We will install electrical outlets that are easily accessible and additional lighting. A trough and food bin will also be needed. Lots to do in a limited amount of time, but that's how we roll!


Bring it! Let's get this party started!


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